Our Apps and Websites

Building to solve day to day problems.

Productivity, Education, Entertainment are all different categories that we build for. We have built mobile apps, voice skills and websites to make your life easier so that you have enough time to concentrate on your goals.

Our Apps and Websites

Be Social - Social Media Stats with Alexa

Be Social is an Alexa Skill to track social media data with just your voice.
Get started with, "Alexa, open Be Social."
Track the followers, likes of any Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Account. There's no need to visit open the app to see how many followers you've got.
Track live data with Be Social.
More social media sites coming soon to Be Social.

Uplift Efficiency - Boost Productivity with Alexa

Uplift Efficiency, an Alexa skill to make your day more productive. Just say, "Alexa, open Uplift Efficiency" to get started.
Uplift Efficiency consists of many features including; The Day Planner, organize your day and keep track of tasks, Productivity Timer, 3 clocks to choose from and work in a productive work-break patter, Screen Timer, limit your screen time, get reminded when to take breaks, And More in Premium.

Animovies - The Free Movie Experience

Animovies is a mobile app where users can watch kids animated movies for free and even download them.
Animovies has over 50 animated movies.
The app also consists information about movies including its release date and brief story.
If you are a movie fan then this is an app that you must download.

Virtuquiz - The Next Gen Learning App

Virtuquiz gives a learning experience with many new features that aren't seen in most learning apps.
At Virtuquiz you can gain knowledge by watching thousands of videos and then take quizzes in each subject to test yourself.
Also try the Virtubot - a social skill developing bot. Download Virtuquiz for all these features and much more.

Eagle Sight - Test your eye sight

How good are your eyes?
Are they as sharp as an Eagle's? Or are they as weak as a bat's?
Just answer these 10 simple questions in the Eagle Sight mini game and test how sharp your eyes are.
Eagle Sight is a mini game to entertain you during your free time.
Try it now and have fun.

Learn to build apps with Apso.

Do you want to build an app for your personal needs? or to earn from an app? Then Download Apso.
At Apso you will learn to build apps without coding.
Also, at Apso you can request us to build an app for you and even purchase graphics, icons and more for your app.

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