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We organize online hackathons bringing together hundreds of hackers from around the world to hack under the given theme. The best projects with a potential for growth will be selected and will be assisted to be developed into a starup.

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Game-In Week DEC2020
Retro HACKS JUL2020
Global Hacks JUN2020
Innovative Website MAY2020

Hackathon News

Game-In Week - This January

It's time for a gaming hackathon. 7 days of intense gaming and making games. Developers from all around the world will be able to participate and build games. There will be gaming tournaments too.

Retro Hacks - Winners Announced

Retro hacks was successfully completed and the winners were selected. Retro hacks was a virtual hackathon where hackers built retro style projects or submitted projects older than 6 months.

Global Hacks - Winners Announced

Global Hacks, a 4 day hackathon held in June was successfully completed. Hackers hacked under 4 tracks and over 100 hackers participated. The winners of the 4 tracks and the overall winner was selected.

KidKalc - Winner of Innovative Website

Innovative Website 2020 was a web building hackathon. All hackers were to build a website that is attractive, innovative and meaningful. The winner of this event which was held in May, 2020 was KidKalc. A website where students can test their mathematics knowledge by answering difficult questions.