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Develop into a Startup

The great project that young developers make can be developed into a profitable startup. We will help you to shorten the process and to skip the patience in establishing a business from your project.

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Improve Projects and Earn

Get support from the Somizu for Developers team to improve your projects, take them to the world and start to earn from them in just few days skipping the long processes that require patience.


We organize hackathons bringin together hundreds of hackers from around the world. These hackathons have a theme and the young hackers will build amazing projects on the theme. The best projects get prizes from us and our sponsors, also all participants get amazing perks, swag etc.

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Project Partnerships

Have a great project idea and expecting support to bring it to life? Or already have a project that needs to be promoted? A partnership with us can help you to skip the process of patience.
Best of all, it's completely free, we help you to develop, improve and promote your project in exchange for a percentage of profits.

Send us a detailed description of your projec/idea with links if applicable. We'll let you know if we are willing to partner with you.

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Somizu for Developers Community

A Discord server full of fun, knowledge and many other developers for you to collobarate with.
The beginner-friendly community is open to any developer. You can share knowledge, gain knowledge, build projects with others, discover hackathons and much more.

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