About Us

About Us

Skip the patience


At Somizu, every day we take a step forward towards our goals. We adapt to the latest technology and provide the same experience to our customers.

Since Somizu was established, we've expanded our wings to different sector ranging from software development to digital marketing. All helping you to skip the patience and get results from your hard work.

We value our customers and always esteem them. All the customers we meet from different parts of the world are satisfied by our services and always leave with a smile in their faces.

Skip the patience

All of us have goals in life. We look at success in our own ways. But the process towards success is common to all. Belief, hard work, patience make up this process.
Belief and hard work don't have alternatives. Without them you can never achieve success.
For success you need patience, you need to keep working and continue to work hard. You might not see results instantly but you need to have patience. And this is one of the most difficult processes of success.

But patience can be skipped. That's what Somizu is all about. Believe in yourself, work hard and partner with Somizu. If your goal is related to technology, social media or even business, we can help you skip the patience and get faster results out of your hard work.

Who we are

Somizu is a global technology company. Somizu provides technology services to help you to skip the patience and achieve your technology related goals faster.

Some of Somizu's services are software/website development, IT consultation, social media marketing, social media growth, assisting young developers, organizing hackathons, website traffic growth, SEO, digital marketing etc.


Somizu was founded in 2020, by the young entrepreneur Senuka Rathnayake.

Senuka's passion for technology and innovation drove Somizu into being an unique technology company.

Although we don't have a long history yet; we are in the process of creating history.

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