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Success is the combination of belief, hard work and patience. It takes time and you need to hold on. But with Somizu you can skip the patience and achieve your goals in the technology world with only hard work.

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Animovies, APSO App Builder, Virtuquiz, Comedies, Uplift Efficiency, Be Social
Animovies, APSO App Builder, Virtuquiz, Comedies, Uplift Efficiency, Be Social

We build to solve day to day problems

Our apps and websites range from productivity to entertainment. They help in easing your life by bringing solutions to problems you face everyday and gives you enough time to concentrate on your goals.

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Technology + Your Business

Technology makes the process of growth faster. We work with many small and medium businesses to integrate technology into business activities and help them to skip the patience.

Marketing, Sales, Accounting and all other business activities, when done with technology, brings faster results. Our team of experts assist you to transform your business and make it a successful business.

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Software Development

Software Development

Get a professional software developed to conduct your business activities online.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Get professional consultancy on how to integrate the latest technologies into your business and maximize income.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Use the power of social media to grow your business by getting your audience to know about your business.

We Support the Young Developers who Build the Future

Compete at hackathons

Compete at Hackathons

Somizu for Developers organizes hackathons where developers can hack under the given themes and the best projects are awarded amazing prizes. This is where we discover the hard workers and help them to skip the patience.

Improve Projects and Earn

Improve Projects and Earn

Get support from the Somizu for Developers team to improve your projects and turn them into a profitable startup in just few days skipping the long processes that require patience.

Get Carrier Opportunities

Get Carrier Opportunities

Participating in Somizu Hackathons and engaging in the Somizu for Developers community opens up a world of carrier opportunities in technology companies.

Somizu for Developers community

Get help from the Community

The Somizu for Developers Community on Discord is a great place to learn and collobarate with others. Also, new developers can get project ideas here.

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